The riding: what to expect on dartmoor.

Let's get real - Dartmoor ain't flat, and you should be prepared to embrace that. To see the greatest views you'll have to conquer the toughest climbs, but it's that challenge which delivers such momentous reward. Honestly, the riding is not easy, just varying degrees of hard, but we don't design routes to be as tough as possible (we really don't want to pummel you), it's just the canvas we've got to work with. There's no escaping the climbing, but that's all part of the charm. Nobody ever sat around a dinner table at the end of a long ride and discussed the 'flat bits', so believe us when we say that there will be no shortage of topics for conversation when we're back at the house. 

Roads flow across rolling moorland, laid ribbonlike into every notch with scant regard for the easiest way. Dry stone walls, lazing moorland animals and a horizon punctuated by the familiar granite tors are the views that transport you into a mindful state where turning the pedals goes unnoticed. Drawing energy from the wild mythical landscape, steeped in ancient tales of folk lore and legends, Dartmoor is a truly inspriting place to ride a bike.

And then there's the weather. If it's raining, we go. If it's windy, we go. You can warm up in the spa back at the hotel or immerse yourself in a deep bath, stewing gently in Devon grit. Deep down we all love those long rides of attrition anyway. Dartmoor can be deceptively wild, cantankerous almost, as it takes the prevailing Atlantic weather on the chin, but sheesh is it beautiful too. No two rides are the same, no two days are the same, so come and ride some of our remote and glorious routes and get a fresh dose of appreciation for cycling in the UK.