Holmbush hire - support vehicle partner

Devon is a vast and rugged county, typified by the familiar sight of the traditional Land Rover Defender being put to work on the high Moors or the endless miles of rolling farmland. The demands of the landscape need to be met by a vehicle which has the power, reliability and capability to do the job properly. But at Moor Retreats, it's not just about overcoming the terrain, it's about style, comfort and security as well. We need support vehicles which not only have the space to carry what our riders need, but that can also be a sanctuary from the elements or comfort in times of need. A white van just doesn't fit our ethos. 

Holmbush offer a unique service and a range of premium vehicles which go above and beyond what you might find at a 'standard' car hire location, and are ideally aligned with the prestige that our guests expect. Locally based (just across the Devon border in Cornwall) and serving a wide variety of local businesses and visiting customers across the south west, their passion and customer service ensure that our cyclists are looked after by the best support.

To find out more about their fleet of vehicles visit www.holmbushhire.co.ukand check them out on Facebook or Twitter