Clothing Partner - Le Col

It is with great excitement and pride that we are able to partner with Le Col – a brand which puts performance, quality and desirability above all else. A brand which so neatly aligns with the ethos of Moor Retreats. But it’s much more than that, because Devon can be a ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’.  Its beauty is balanced by hills which rollercoaster into one another and persistent changes in gradient which can make it difficult to find a smooth rhythm. Clothing needs to perform perfectly in sync with your movements to deal with many shifts in body angle, to deal with the necessity of constantly jumping in and out of the saddle and to deal with the conditions. Devon is an exposed county and takes most of our prevailing weather on the chin. It can be gloriously warm and it can be ferociously wild, making clothing comfort an absolute prerequisite ingredient for an enjoyable day in the saddle. And then there’s the icing on the cake – the fact that Yanto Barker, founder of Le Col, grew up riding in Devon, on the same roads that you will get to experience for yourself. It’s like, in some way, Devon can take some reflected glory for the advanced clothing which ultimately Yanto has gone on to create.

As a guest of Moor Retreats you will find a selection of the latest clothing from Le Col waiting for you in your 'Welcome Pack', ready for tackling the roads of Devon. 

To find out more about their great range of products visit www.lecol.net, and check them out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.