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Nutrition partner - ote

To understand the nutritional requirements of a hard weekend in the saddle requires years of experience as an athlete yourself. So it's reassuring that the team behind the award-winning sports nutrition range from OTE don't shy away from a challenge. In short, they've been there too. It is that critical appreciation for the blood, sweat and toil, the highs and lows, the times when your legs feel empty, and the joyous occasions when you dance up climbs with seemingly effortless ease which has guided their product development. We want great taste, we want ease of use, we want natural products, we want clear science and we want products which do what they say they will. OTE provided the answers.

Nutrition is at the forefront of performance, but it's not just about what you eat. Timing is crucial - before, during and after - to prime the body for the rigours of the Devon terrain. And that's why each rider attending a Moor Retreat will receive a nutrition pack of energy, hydration and recovery, chosen specifically to help prepare before heading out, to sustain you whilst in the saddle and to repair and rebuild muscle after returning. 

The OTE range is researched, designed, developed, manufactured and tested in Great Britain, adding to the reasons we want to support them. Furthermore, the range is free from artificial colours or sweeteners. It is NATURALLY BETTER.

To find out more about their great range of products visit www.otesports.co.uk, and check them out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.