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Skincare partner - veloskin

First and foremost, the VeloSkin team are a collective of dedicated and experienced cyclists. Gravel rash, sunburn, being unable to sit down, they have gone through it all with you. Looking over through the chemist’s shelves, and through the accessories sections of bike shops, they found that the skincare available just wasn’t cutting it.

It was not working hard enough, smartly enough nor long enough. So rather than wait for someone else, they made the decision to design and manufacture a range of specialist skincare products for cyclists - the kind of products we would all wear.
They have partnered with one of the UK’s leading skincare experts to help formulate the new VeloSkin range from scratch. A range specifically formulated for the needs of cyclists, taking into account the impact the great British weather has on us.

The toils of tackling the Devon terrain naturally means frequent shifting of bodyweight, the potential for hotspots and there's always the lurking possibility of what the elements might throw at us. So with that in mind, a soothing pot of the new, specifically engineered, VeloSkin Chamois Cream will be waiting in your 'Welcome Pack', just to keep those 'tender' areas happy.

To find out more about their great range of products visit www.veloskin.ccand check them out on FacebookInstagram or Twitter